Monday, 2 January 2012

Ninja Saga All Hack In One

Tools :
SWF File : -=-[

Steps To Follow :
-Open Ninja Saga & Play
-Open Fiddler 2 & Tick "Enable Automatic Responses" & "Unmatched Request Passthrough"
-Then Extract The File To"Autoresponder"
-Clear Cache [ CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE ]
-Then go to Shop
-Then Enjoy Hacking!

Features :
Instant All Mission In Mission Shop
Instant TP Mission
Auto Pilot
Daily Task
Instant Exams

-NScP- And Flash Force

Friday, 30 December 2011

Hairstyle Hack (ALL)

File ==>

Steps :-
1. Log In Ninja Saga And Open The Fiddler
2. Drag The Swf File And Clear Cache 2 Times
3. Refresh The Ninja Saga And Start Playing
4. Go To Pet Shop

Note :-
Emblem User Free
Free User Need Token

Happy Cheating !!